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Thanks for your interest in the Nevada Teacher Corps. If you'd like to learn more about joining us or have questions about your application, please contact us using this email form to the right. 

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Become A Teacher

You believe all Nevada students deserve a great teacher. We give you the skills to become one, with training from one of the nation’s leading teacher preparation programs, TNTP Teaching Fellows. We hold the highest standards of any training program in America: Those who meet our high bar for licensure join an elite group of educators from across the country who are proving what’s possible in education.  

Nevada Teacher Corps (NTC) Fellows complete an intensive summer training and engage with coursework and coaching throughout their first year in the classroom, culminating in licensure for Fellows who master core skills and show success with their students.

Become a Great New Teacher

Our radically simple training hones in on key skills new teachers need to get off to a strong start. We emphasize intensive classroom practice of teaching essentials, such as creating a positive classroom culture and delivering content clearly. You will train like a professional athlete, with plenty of opportunity to practice, reflect and improve.

Earn Licensure that Counts

Throughout your summer training and first year in the classroom, we carefully assess and support your growth, with expert coaching and personalized support. We award licensure only to new teachers who demonstrate mastery of instructional skills and a consistent ability to help their students learn and thrive. It’s a high bar—and an honor.

Join a Network of Passionate Educators

We are training a generation of great teachers who believe that change starts in the classroom. Our programs aren’t for everyone. We believe teaching is a privilege and we hold the highest standards of any training program in America. But those who rise to meet them join an elite group of educators who are proving what’s possible in Nevada’s schools.

Teach Where You're Needed Most

All Nevada classrooms need great teachers, but we are especially in need of talented elementary teachers. NTC is preparing teachers to meet those needs. New teachers who join Nevada’s highest-need schools, where too many children start school already behind and struggle to catch up, may be eligible for bonuses of up to $5,000.

Final Deadline: April 17 Apply