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Training & Licensure

Summer Training

In the summer, Nevada Teacher Corps (NTC) Fellows begin a rigorous, seven-week summer training program centered on field experience. You will study proven teaching techniques and then practice them intensively, both with peers and with real students in summer school classrooms.

Rather than racing to cover every aspect of good teaching, we focus first on four foundational teaching skills before shifting to more advanced ones. You must demonstrate proficiency in these skills by the end of summer training to be eligible to teach in the fall.

Summer training is extremely demanding; you will teach summer school and attend sessions five days per week from approximately 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, with potential evening workshops and events. Attendance is mandatory every day. For some Fellows, the location of summer training will be different than their actual teaching assignment.

Expert Coaching

During your summer training and first year in the classroom, NTC coaches are your primary line of support. All coaches are experienced teachers with proven results in challenging classrooms.

Coaches will observe your classroom regularly and give you real-time guidance to improve your teaching through in-person and virtual coaching. After class, you will debrief and discuss concrete strategies to apply in future lessons. Coaches will also pull you into small skill-building sessions to address your biggest development needs.

Licensure Coursework

During your first year as a full-time teacher, you will complete NTC licensure coursework taught virtually or in-person by experienced, outstanding teachers. Courses will be tailored to your development needs and offer plenty of opportunity for practice.

Earning Licensure

We hold the highest standards for licensure of any program in the country, using the Assessment of Classroom Effectiveness (ACE) to ensure that you remain on track to become a great teacher. ACE incorporates a wide variety of evidence from your classroom to create the fullest possible picture of your performance.

At the end the year, you must pass ACE to earn licensure. Meeting this high bar shows you are able to get real results for students—and lets principals know you have a proven track record in the classroom.

Note: For the 2017-18 school year, NTC is recruiting for elementary school teachers. Additional high-need subject areas may be added.

Tuition and Fees

As an NTC Fellow, you are responsible for tuition, which will total $5,500 for the 2017-18 school year; payment plans are available. You are also responsible for all costs associated with certification through the Nevada Department of Education, including exam, fingerprinting, and transcript fees. If you are interested in pursuing a loan to assist with tuition expenses, you must do so independently, as eligibility varies. 

Final Deadline: April 17 Apply